FringeReview Cross-Atlantic! Live from Edinburgh & New York

Social Media – The Great White Elephant in Promoting Events?
  • When: Today, Thursday 21st August 2014, 1830 UK Time, 1300 EDT
  • Where: Here. (live on Google Hangouts to Air)
  • How Long? 45 Minutes (The screencast will also be recorded)
  • How? Just watch it on your PC, tablet or smart phone! 

We are excited to announce our first ever live broadcast from the Edinburgh Fringe. You’ll be able to watch us live on YouTube and also Google Hangouts on Air. All you need is a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet and an internet connection. No need to register. No need to book.

The show lasts 45 minutes, and will be available to listen to afterwards as well.
We’ll have an accompanying Twitter conversation and Q & A feeding into the live conversation.
The underlying theme of this broadcast from the heart of the fringe is: Social Media in the Arts and Creative events: how to make it really work.
Is Social Media a largely over-inflated waste of time for theatremakers?Is Facebook a white elephant?Does Tweeting actually make difference to ticket sales?Is LinkedIn a pointless distraction ?Does PinInterest actually create no real interest ?Who’s actually making it work?

The Lineup for FringeReview Live

Hosted by FringeReview founder Paul Levy, the lineup includes…
– a live link up between Edinburgh Fringe and Fringe NYC in the United States, going live to William Glenn, theatre maker and editor of FringeReview USA
– special drop in guests from the Edinburgh Fringe – examples of artists whose use of social media affects their ticket sales
– a chat with  social media expert, founder of the Social Media Leadership Forum, Justin Hunt
– storyteller and Fringe podcaster, Ewan Spence
So do tune in!

We’ll also be publishing a link within an hour of the event so you can watch the screencast live on Youtube.

Follow @fringereview on Twitter and also #fringereviewlive.

Controversial, fun and full of intriguing content….

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