FringeNYC Opens Tomorrow

Well, it’s finally here – the opening day of FringeNYC 2014.  With almost two hundred shows, it’s claimed to be the largest multi-arts festival in North America but, then, we don’t really grow them that big over here…  This is the fifteenth year of FringeNYC and there are some great looking shows on the bill.  We’re hoping for a fantastic fringe!

Hanging Out the Shingle

FringeReview has finally come to the US, and we’re looking for contributors.

Begun in 2006, our inaugural festival was the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but it wasn’t long before we were covering events all over the UK.  In 2010 we went international, adding Amsterdam to our roster, with Adelaide Fringe following shortly after.

Although we have covered sporadic events in the US in the past, this year marks our official entry, and we are very pleased to be covering FringeNYC as one of our initial festivals. With more than two dozen festivals across the country, most of which are in their first five years, the scene really is starting to take off.

And it’s about time.  It’s been sixty-seven years since the Edinburgh Festival Fringe burst onto the scene,  and while every other festival is a dim reflection by comparison, similar fringes have been popping up all over the world for years.

Every year, more festivals are cropping up, and FringeReview is covering more and more of them with each passing season. We’re one of the fastest growing media organizations covering the fringe, with teams literally spanning the globe. If you’re interested in joining the effort here in the US, surf to and check us out!