FringeNYC 2014 All Finished – Picks of the Fringe

Well that was a brilliant experience.  What an amazing collection of shows.  Thanks for all the laughs, FringeNYC.  Here are our highlights of the fringe.

Tunnel Play

  • The Tunnel Play – End of the world drama from The Dirty Blondes.  William Glenn reviewed this outstanding production.  Highlights included incredible writing and a brilliant minimalist design.  But our review wasn’t the only great press to hit the Dirty Blondes.  NYTheatreNow,, and StageBuddy all had great things to say about this haunting piece of new writing.

brilliant and brilliantly cast


  • Breaking the Shakespeare Code – Verbal sparring; romance via Shakespeare.  Cindy Pierre delivers an outstanding recommendation for this Hey Jonte! production.  Highlights include impressive use/re-melding of Shakespeare into the modern context, and the verbal match of wits between actors Tim Weinert and Miranda Jonte.

carefully-written banter

Enter Your Sleep

  • Enter Your Sleep – Dreamscapes and shattered lives: new writing from Christina Quintana.  Read William Glenn’s outstanding recommendation here. Highlights include the surreal, dream-like state the production manages to create, pulling its audiences into the mindset with the protagonists.

impetuous and endearing


  • The Doormen – Rambunctious physical comedy from Victor Verhaeghe and Joe Boover.  An outstanding recommendation from William Glenn muses on macho dancing in the early afternoon.  Highlights include the fantastic choreo and the incorporated multimedia elements.

plot twists we never would have imagined

The List

  • The List – A bizarre yet hilarious mashup of Hollywood’s greatest hits.  Trish Parry recommends this 143 Productions show as outstanding.  Highlights include the intricate plot, woven from hand-me-down parts, and the brilliant acting.

an incredibly clever show

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